3.14 Happy Pi Day! {Fun Family Traditions}

happy pi day

Happy pi day!

Every March 14th our family celebrates pi (3.1415…). I’m pretty sure in 2015 we are going to go all out crazy. 🙂 How do we celebrate? By making sure we have some yummy pie, of course!


We are nerds.

And we like it that way.

Normally we enjoy pi day with some pie after dinner, but I’ll be at a meeting tonight and wasn’t sure when we’d all be together, so we decided to eat pie for breakfast. (Shhh. Don’t tell the mom police).

elena pie boys

And just to make myself feel better, I did have them eat some fruit to even things out.

elena fruit

The two oldest ones were excited for fruit. Maxwell? Not so much. (Yes. The boy slathered chocolate all over his head. Why do my kids like doing that?! haha)

fruit and sadness

Gotta love fun family traditions! Pi day sure is a great one. We usually get chocolate pie because its the only kind I eat, but I’m sure once the kids get older Jim might start talking them in to requesting berry, pumpkin, key lime, and apple since he loves those too. I’m enjoying my chocolate reign while I can.

What are your favorite types of pies? I’d love to hear about it. There are so many good options out there.

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