6 Months

Our little belle turned 6 months old last month.

Those eyes.

Those cheeks.

Those pouty lips.

I seriously cannot get enough of this girl.
IMG_4760 copy
My friend, Jenni, let me sneak over to her studio with my camera and take some pictures of our littlest bean. It was my first time hooking up my camera to studio lights and I loved it! It really made me itch for my own photography studio one day.IMG_4777 copy copyOf course I only got through 2 poses before Bella was done with her mom hiding behind the camera. But it was fun while it lasted.
IMG_4717 copy copy
Jenni was nice and took some more pictures of her outside while I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a smile from this little girl.

Isn’t she adorable? Those bonnets kill me!
IMG_4896 copy copy IMG_4921 copy copy
I am completely in-love with this baby girl.

It’s impossible to think of my life with out her in it. She has me wrapped around her fingers, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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