Back to Skull Dinner – Family Fun Ideas

I still have two sisters at home going to school. When the summer is over and school is about to start my mom likes to throw a “back to skull” family dinner.

My family mourns for the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. My mom has all of us dress up in black because we are in mourning. She also cooks and prepares food with black food coloring, and during the dinner we are asked to keep a sad expression because it is such a “sad occasion”. Every year she accumulates more decorations to add to the table.

(Jim made me crack up in the 2nd picture, but he looks so good I thought I’d still add it)

This is one of my mom’s favorite family traditions.

Decorations: Black tablecloth (she grabs an extra one around Halloween because she had a hard time finding any at the dollar store in town), skull confetti (Halloween time from K-Mart), a large skull, white candle sticks and clear candlestick holders, and black plastic cups and plates.

Meal: My mom adds black food coloring to the meal. This year she made black mashed potatoes {that looked blue/purple}, black peas, black stroganoff sauce, and black milk. She assumed everyone wouldn’t want to eat a lot of it because it looked so unappetizing, but everyone ended up eating everything and she wished she had made more.

Dessert: Tripple dark chocolate brownies.

Once we cleaned up the meal we kept with the theme of the night – we exercised. Some of us don’t particularly think exercising is “fun”, so it worked as an appropriate activity. To work off the brownies the boys did 100+ pushups. Even my younger brothers Chris and Sean did it. Dad and Mom joined in the second half and each did 50. I’ll admit I only did 7, but I did have a baby I was chasing around. {Not to mention I am a weakling}

Some other fun ideas we sometimes do with this:

РTry incorporating the Back to School theme. If using a fabric table cloth you can write with white chalk 2+2=4 and other school algorithms.

– Eat in the dark

– Hand out school supplies wrapped up in black wrapping paper

– Have a nerd eating contest: Put nerds in a bowl and eat them with out hands. It is hilarious to watch

– Trivia: Ask trivia during dinner. Be sure to ask questions and answer questions in a sad, somber voice.

– Puzzle Contest: Split the family in to 2 teams and work on a puzzle. Whoever is able to put the puzzle together first wins.

– Play Avocado Frankenstein: Dissect an avocado – cut it open, get out the pit, and sew it back together.

– Give father’s blessings

My mom got the idea from Shelley Wille, a speaker from BYU education week. If you ever see her name as a speaker somewhere, go to it. She is crazy, fun, and has a lot of great ideas.

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