Day 8 – Easter Sunday

Well, I thought I had published this a while ago. Guess its better late than never, right?!


I had planned some great things for the last day of our Easter Week, but in true fashion it didn’t go according to plan. Our kids were pretty tired after church, I had things to do for my church calling, and then we had to rush off to dinner. BUT I will still include my outline here for future reference. Maybe next year will go better. If you are looking for the original post that has the entire list of the week’s outline, you can find it HERE. Thanks for your patience while I got this all typed up!

Sunday, Day 8 – Easter Sunday

Song: He Is Risen, hymn 199


1. Easter Baskets & Egg Hunt

I had planned on doing a whole symbolism speil about how we are giving them gifts because Christ gave us the greatest gift – His life, the atonement, and the fact that he lives again. (We didn’t get them new clothes this Easter, but in doing research that Easter tradition also came about in part of the symbolism of re-birth and getting something NEW). BUT in reality, I briefly mentioned it and didn’t read any scriptures or thoughts like I had written down, and quickly went on to the next activity because my toddler were pretty cranky. Our kids are too young to be grumpy about not getting sweets, so we kept it simple by putting in their toy gma & gpa gave them, and then adding water cups for the car, some crackers, and a small book. Simple, special, and fun.

IMG_1594 small IMG_1597 small

We recycled Gma & Gpa’s baskets & returned ours to the store (because we’re thrifty like that), and the kids were still happy with it. Again, it just shows me that kids are pretty easy going and happy with anything new or out-of-the-ordinary-routine. 🙂


And here’s our grumpy one. We started the egg hunt upstairs and made our way down, and as you can see he was less than thrilled about having to do any of it. HAHA.

grumpy max

Usually we keep the fun Easter hunts and parties on Saturday so we can relax on Sunday, but we missed the Easter Hunt on Saturday and ended up doing it on Sunday anyways. We just did it along the inside of our home before putting kids down for naps. I think we’ll have to figure out a better time next year if we have kids still taking naps so they might be a little happier.

max egg hunt IMG_1618 small'

2. Easter Resurrection Roll Activity & Discussion:

ressurection rolls

My sister Wendy likes to do this tradition with her kids, so I thought I would try it out this year. We got too busy to do it this year because we had a bit of traveling to do for Easter dinner, but if we have afternoon church I think this would make a great Breakfast/Brunch idea.

In reality, I did this when I was babysitting my nieces and nephews later that week, which is why all these things are so helpful. If you can’t get to an activity that week, you’re prepared to do it for FHE or morning scriptures or something later on.

I started off this activity by watching this video (hit refresh if it has a hard time loading on your browser the first time). We ended up stopping at about the 1 minute mark to read a few scriptures: Matthew 27:57-60

Then I put out a baking sheet, some marshmallows, a can of refrigerated crescent rolls, a bowl of melted butter, and some sugar & cinnamon mixed together in another bowl. (If you want the precise recipe, you could find something like it here).

Then we made little tombs for Jesus’ body. We prepared the body (aka marshmallow) by dipping it in butter & sugar, and then wrapping it in its tomb (the crescent roll). Everyone took turns making their own resurrection roll, even the little guys. Make sure you squeeze all the sides of the rolls together nice and tight so nothing leaks out.

making rollspanbig cuz n lanemax helping

Then I threw it in the oven. (Preheat/bake rolls per baking instructions on the can of refrigerated crescent rolls).

Then while it was in the oven we re-watched the original video above, followed by Jesus is Resurrected.

Then we read John 20: 3 – 18 and talked about Christ rising from the tomb.

When the rolls were done, we let them sit for a few minutes and then I dished them all up for the kids. And they were so surprised when they opened them and the marshmallows were gone.

ressurection rolls

We finished by talking about how when Christ was resurrected he left his tomb and lived again, and how He still lives. I ended with my testimony, and then we finished by eating the yummy rolls. (You can see little cousins nibbling them in the background already.)

The kids loved this activity and I think it will be a keeper for next year too!

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