Dry Nails in Water? {Pin Tested Tuesdays}

I love Pinterest. I am obsessed with Pinterest. There are so many great and inspiring ideas on there, and some of the things I have never heard of or even considered. I also like seeing “nailed it” series of people who post pictures of them trying out something they saw on Pinterest. Here is a good example from Redomestication Magazine.

I thought I would post my successes and fails that I’ve had trying out things I’ve seen on Pinterest. 🙂 Here we go!

One thing I tried out on Pinterest was this pin I found saying “submerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. The polish will dry completely, and it gets rid of any that got onto your skin.” Sounded cool, so I tested it out on my cute, wiggly 3-year old daughter.

I have had good luck with her being patient getting her fingernails painted, but its been hard for her to keep them from smearing while we waited for them to dry. So this was a perfect test for little Layne.

And then the waiting. I put a 3 minute timer on my cell phone. She did really good waiting.

The final reveal: It worked, for the most part. They were dry for the most part, but she still had nail polish on her skin parts. They also weren’t completely “dry” because when I put my thumb down on it to test it I got a really soft thumbprint on it. So I’m thinking if you are going to try it make sure the water is really cold (I just did luke-warm/cold water), and if you put thick layer of nail polish on hold it in the water longer than 3 minutes. Other than that, they turned out cute and I didn’t have to worry about nail polish smearing on her clothes or on my carpet/walls. Success.

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