Father’s Day Decoration Crafts {DIY Craft Ideas}

Cortney, at Better Mom Blog, celebrated Father’s Day in style by making some cute and easy Father’s Day decorations. I love that she used things that most people have around the house (ie – random scraps of paper) and all the crafts were easy to make so even a crafting novice can do it.

The tie toppers were made by cutting out a tie design out of paper and then glueing a ring of elastic on to them to put around the top of the soda. She chose Dad’s Brand of different sodas to go with the theme of Father’s Day.

She also made sleeves to go over the candy bars by cutting out rectangle shapes and taping them in the back. She then glued some more ties on top of the sleeve to make them look cute.

Aren’t these napkins adorable? Using an origami fold idea she got from How About Orange, she folded her napkins to look like a collared shirt and used it as part of the decoration. I love how cute and useful they were.

She also made a fun tie banner with Happy Fathers Day letters cut out and glued on top. To make the banner she used a paper cutter to get the straight lines, and then put a few layers of paper underneath so she could cut a few ties at once. She used a rotary cutter to make two slits in the tops of each of the ties and then slipped yarn through to hang it up together.

For her centerpiece she cut out some more ties and bows on sticks and put in a cute bucket with tissues paper. Easy, fun and the toddlers at dinner enjoyed playing with them after the meal.

Thanks for letting me share, Cortney. For more fun, inexpensive ways to decorate and have fun with your family check out Cortney’s Better Mom Blog for some great ideas.

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