Fun Spring Easter Party {holiday party}

A few days before Easter, my mother-in-law (Gma) hosted a really fun party for her grandchildren. Cousin Sara was also able to come with the 2 children she watches during the day, so we had a good turn out for kids.

The party turned out awesome! It was super cute, and the kids had a blast. {Have I mentioned before how it is really fun living close to family for these types of get-togethers.}

She did a lot of fun things, including:

1. Storytime:

Gma started off reading a cute spring story to the kids. The story she read was Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

story time

Maximus hung out with me on the couch or walked around exploring. (Lately he has not liked me out of his sight.)

max couch

2. Chocolate Coconut Bird’s Nests Activity


  • Yellow Bakers Chocolate
  • Coconut
  • Small Easter Egg Chocolate

After story time it was time for a fun activity creating our very own spring bird’s nests for our yummy chocolate eggs. Everyone sat at the table, and Gma brought over some yummy melted (yellow) chocolate that the kids mixed with coconut to make nests, and then they used small chocolate Easter eggs as eggs to go in the nest. The kids loved it, and did a great job when they were told they could eat them AFTER lunch. 🙂

melted chocolatecoconutjack platelane serious tablemax and jack tableelijax n lanielynnie & Pennynest

3. Easter Egg Hunt:

Once the nests were made up, the kids went outside for an Easter egg hunt. (They were literally just looking for eggs (no candy inside), and you know what? They were still happy looking for eggs. I liked that idea.)

hunt easter egg hunt kids jack hunt penny eggs penny & lanie
4. Homemade Bird Feeders


  • Pinecones
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Food

We had fun making homemade bird feeders. We spread peanut butter on the pine cones with a knife, and then we spread bird food on the peanut butter. We hung up the new bird feeders in Gma’s trees.

conefeeder traybirds nest everyone aunt j e final product feeder lane bird feederlynnimax pbsara feederlane silly facebird feeder shot

4. Easter Picnic

Gma packed all the kids the cutest picnic lunches out of Easter pails. She even packed some trail mix and crackers in an easter egg for them to eat. How cute is that?!?! Everyone loved eating outside in the warm sun too.

picnic lunch

picnic lunch yumm

5. Charlie Brown Easter Movie

To calm everyone down, Gma put on A Charlie Brown Easter show.

movie couch boys movie

6. Easter Baskets {Goodbye Presents}

While the kids were watching the movie, we cleaned up and then Gma put together these cute Easter Baskets full of presents for the kids to take home with them. She tracked down Duck and Mallard Beanie Babies to give to all the kids, and then they all got a coordinating chocolate duck (Candy Quax). She even suck in another sandwich or snack for the kids too. Mmmm. How adorable was that?!!

ducklings quack pails mallard

I love that they all coordinated with the book she read the kids earlier, and loved the overall duck/bird theme of the party. CUTE!

everyone party

Thanks, Gma! We had a blast!

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