I Heart California

I love California.

I love that my parents live there.

And my 2 youngest sisters.

And my 2 youngest brothers.

Well, Chris has left for his mission in Tacoma, Washington. And Sean comes-and-goes because he’s in college. But they’re still technically residents.

I also love that the weather was warm enough for Chris to sport his awesome bright red shorts.


Can you believe there are still 4 of my siblings missing in this shot? I still don’t know how my mom did it and is still doing it. She must have been born with a lot of energy.

Chris Mary & Igirls jules and winnie

Doesn’t my mom look AMAZING? She’s lost 45 pounds this past year. If you are looking for inspiration, she’s it.

mom & dad mom Sean & I sisters

I had a wonderful Mom-Cation (Mom Vacation). I don’t believe I’ve ever had one before, but I am definitely a fan.

A friend who saw my sisters and I that weekend mentioned that she would do an annual ‘mom vacation’ by going to BYU Education week by herself, and she would leave her husband in charge of the kids for the week. When she’d return she felt boosted and recharged from all the wonderful messages of BYU Ed Week, and her husband was reminded of how challenging full-time parenting could be and was grateful of all that she did. She called it a win-win for her.

I definitely am going to be keeping that suggestion in the back of my mind. Maybe if Jim gets enough vacation time and I can save enough money for another ticket? I like this idea! Now the question is, will Jim?

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