My Blogging Disappearance

Well, I’ve never been good at being a consistent blogger, but the last few months have been a bit of a blur for me and I’ve been worse then normal, I apologize. We have spent the last few months packing, job hunting, moving, job hunting, unpacking, job hunting more, finally finding a job, and moving again – this time far, far, far, far away from family.

And yes, this last move pretty much broke my heart, to be honest. *sniff, sniff*

But enough about that – on to the FUN reason why I really have been neglecting this blog:


Yes, you read that correctly. Our family is getting a new addition in March… Isn’t Maxwell adorable in that picture?!! (We sent that picture to my family who were not living nearby to tell in person.)

We are really excited for baby to come, but morning sickness definitely was pretty rough this go around. So in between watching kids, shuffling Jackson off to school, and trying to get my church calling (service position) done, I just didn’t have enough energy or creativity to blog. Period.


Needless to say, time seems to be racing forward, and little babe is due next month.



I have so many fun things I’d love to share (cute baby crafts, maternity items I’ve tried, etc.), but life still feels a little chaotic and out of sync and I am still adjusting to life in the mid-west.

So if I don’t get around to sharing anything else, you can look forward to cute pictures of our little one coming next month. 

Again, crazy.

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