FREE Macro Images to Print

We started having issues with our computer in June, and in July we learned that the computer most likely melted our harddrive because the fan wasn’t working well. However, instead of just replacing the harddrive (which is under warranty), they would do little tweaks to see if that changed things. I got back from vacation on Monday and went to start using my computer that was finally “fixed”, only to find that it is spazzing out yet again.


So, while we wait for me to get a hold of my computer, I thought I would share this awesome print download I’d love to feature.

Kim Greenfield, from Greenfield Photography, has a long list of macros that she is offering to people completely FREE. They are gorgeous and I can’t wait until my computer is fixed so I can download them all and print them up to put all over my house. Be sure to leave a comment telling her how awesome she is and that My Belle Michelle sent you over.

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