Day 1 – Palm Sunday {Christ-Centered Easter Week Ideas}


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We were pretty spoiled this year. Gma and Gpa decided to come visit and have fun with us through out the week. We loved it.

The Sunday Before Easter: Palm Sunday

Song: Hosanna, Children’s Songbook pg 66

Scripture Reading: Matthew 21: 1 – 11


We watched the following video after reading the scripture verses and pointed out things we had learned from the scripture verses. {That Jesus was entering the city riding a donkey, the palms that the people were waving and placing on the ground to help keep the dirt from kicking up on him, and the word “Hosanna” that the people were shouting out. I also pointed out how kind Jesus was to people when he entered, and how it is good that we follow his example and show the same kindness to others around us.}


Palm Leaves – We discussed the symbolism behind the palm branches. {Did you know that palm leaves were an emblem of Judea, and even appeared on their coins of the land? Why? Because palm leaves were very important to their country. It was used in a variety of ways, both in profession for the people, as well as food. In fact, whenever an enemy invaded the land one of the first things they did was cut down the palm trees because they knew it would be the best way to let the people suffer because of the loss of food and livelihood. Pretty cool.}

Hosanna – We also discussed the meaning of the word “Hosanna!“, and why it is used in solemn occasions. {It means “please save us”, and was used during the Feast of Tabernacles, which celebrated the Lord’s deliverance of Israel into the promised land. The fact that the multitude of people in Jerusalem cried out “Hosanna” and spread palm branches for Jesus was demonstrating their understanding that Jesus was the same Lord who had delivered them anciently. It was their way of recognizing Christ as the Messiah.


Paper Palm Leaves – The family made our own palm leaves out of green cardstock paper. I was pretty impressed with their awesome skills. (And Gpa’s too!)

creating palms

Triumphal Entry Re-Enactment – After our palm branches were made, we had fun acting out Jesus’ magnifient entry into Jerusalem. The kids had fun taking turns riding the donkey, and the rest of us took turns waving palms, or lying them on the ground in front of them as the donkey made his journey into Jerusalem. We also made sure to cry out “Hosanna!”, and I got a kick at how loud our oldest could get with that.

riding the donkey

Carnation Atonement Object Lesson – I decided to end the night with an object lesson I hoped would help the children understand the atonement better, and how Jesus literally was able, through the atonement, to take the world’s sins upon him. After our re-enactment, we had the kids get in their pajamas, and then I let them smell and look at some beautiful, white carnations I had put in a few vases.

I told them that these white flowers were similar to how we can think of Christ. They were white, pure, and spotless. They were clean, fresh, and new. Jesus, likewise, was perfect because he had an earthly mother Mary, {Mary is little Lanie’s favorite scripture hero} & a divine father, Heavenly Father. Because of this he was half mortal and half immortal, which gave him divine sonship and let him live a sinless life.


Then we talked about how we are much different then Jesus. We aren’t perfect. We make a lot of mistakes throughout our lives. When we make bad choices, like not listening to our parents, or not listening to the holy ghost, or not obeying the Lord’s commandments or following the prophet – this is called sin.

Then I added some red food coloring to one of the vases, and told the kids that the red color represented sin. It represented all our bad choices we make because we aren’t perfect like Jesus.

food color

And then I placed one of the white carnations back in the red water, and told them that Jesus was the only one able to make a perfect atonement for all mankind. He was able to do so because he was called to do it before we were even sent to the earth. {Our oldest has been quizzing me a lot about the plan of salvation, so I could see the lightbulb go off when I reminded him of the Grand Council in Heaven.}

I told them that we would learn more about the atonement in a few days, but that we would be keeping an eye on the flower through out the week to see if anything different happened with it.

time to soak

All the activities were pretty low key, but that’s the way I like it. The kids seemed to really have a good night too. Yay!

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