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I recently got called in my church as the Relief Society Activity Coordinator. In May we are focusing on Service and holding a food drive for a local after-school center in the area. Since there isn’t a lot of activity in the food drive (we don’t have to package anything), we also decided to do a SERVICE AUCTION!

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I have been to a few different service auctions in Rexburg, but I obviously never organized one before. The basis is you get ladies to donate services {babysitting, cleaning, free lessons, cute wall decor for baby’s nursery, etc.}, and then you have points you earn the night of the auction that you can use to bid on the services. It’s free + fun – so, 2 of my favorite things!

Last week we started promoting the auction at church, asking people to sign-up for a service, dessert, or craft to bring. I had quite a few people come up to me afterwards confused about it, so hopefully we’ll do better this upcoming week explaining it.

I also came up with a list of ideas people could use for inspiration. I think that people had fun looking through the ideas and need a little time trying to decide what service they want to donate, but I also think maybe my list was too long and people didn’t get a chance to sign-up because of it. I’m new to this, and learning. So I think I’m going to take off the long list and just come up with generic ideas, and have people come here if they want more suggestions.

Maybe when I get things more together I’ll post my pdf file for people who might like to use it. For now, I’ll post the ideas on here.


1. Sew on Scout Patches for a year.

2. Donate the service of food: Make an authentic ethnic dinner, be someone’s personal chef for the night, prepare a 3 course dinner, make a made-to-order pie or cake for someone’s family

3. Offer Cleaning Services! Offer to clean something you don’t mind doing: carpet cleaning, baseboards, windows, fridge, sink of dishes, 1 hr of yard work, deep clean all the bathrooms in the house, 1 hour of general cleaning, etc. etc. (These are a hot commodity!)

4. Bring food with you! Bring a signature meal or dessert. Bring a few jars of homemade jam or canned goods for their food storage!5. Give someone a lesson on something! Blog lesson, digital scrapbooking, photoshop, photography, Illustrator so they can make a logo, genealogy or family indexing, music, voice, essential oils, sewing, quilting, crochet, flower arranging, cake decorating, dancing, etc. Chances are, you are talented in something that all of us would love to know about!

6. Are you a skilled photographer? Offer to do someone’s family portraits!

7. Give a nice pedicure, manicure, or spa treatment.

8. Bring someone an FHE treat for a month!

9. Host a dinner & game night for a family. Or host a double date night!

10. Make a custom-made baby blanket. You can bring an example to show off, then have the winner pick out the fabric colors. How cute would that be?

11. Bring a fun FHE Kit {Lesson, treat, etc.} or a Sacrament Meeting Bag filled with church-related activities for small ones.

12. Off to make someone’s birthday invitations, baby announcements, or thank you cards

13. Offer to detail or wash someone’s car.

14. Make a handmade scripture case.

15. Crochet a baby hat or beanie

16. Make a holiday decoration!

17. Bring cricut dye-cuts or vinyl lettering – {pre-made or custom order}

18. BABYSIT! We could all use a night out!!!

19. Help organize someone’s home! Choose a location you enjoy doing, or set a time limit, and help!

20. Make or paint a craft for someone’s home! Home decor, children’s room decoration, modge podge letters, etc.

21. Be someone’s party planner! If you love throwing parties, I know there are plenty of women who would love your help!

22. Offer a nice, relaxing massage.

23. Create a blog header or facebook timeline cover for someone.

24. Bring homemade jewelry or hair accessories!

25. Donate homemade party decorations. {fabric pennant banner, birthday center pieces, cute tissue pom-poms, etc.}

26. Bring a basket of pre-made handcrafted cards

27. Bring a set of homemade candles

28. Offer to substitute for a primary or YW teacher so they can go to Relief Society one week

29. Help someone come up with a fitness or health plan.

30. Make a cute wreath or other fun craft you like to do!


I’m excited. We’ll see how it goes!

Things I loved from service auctions in the past: The awesome services. I also thought it was fun getting to know other people through their talents. Plus, giving service always feels great!

Things I didn’t love: Some of the awkward conversations I had with people I won the service from.

Some conversations were easy because I knew the person I won the service from and didn’t feel uncomfortable bothering them about it. Others, however, I didn’t know well – so after bringing it up a few times and nothing happening, I usually just decided to drop it. One time I spent a lot of my points on a quilting lesson to make a baby quilt. I was really excited because I had been wanting to make one for my baby, she hadn’t received any as gifts, and what better way to make one then with a personal teacher?! I won it from a person I visit taught, but after bringing it up on 3 separate visits and having an awkward “yeah….” moment each time, I decided she wasn’t all that excited about it, and I didn’t bring it up again, and neither did she.


I know its not just me, because another committee member brought the same thought to me during our meeting.

To avoid as many of those awkward moments for people as possible, I think I’ll emphasize that the person OFFERING THE GIFT OF SERVICE, should be the one to track the person down and make sure they have the chance to take advantage of the service. I also am hoping to emphasize the need to try to get the service done that month (unless otherwise specified). I’m trying to figure out a sheet of paper to hand out to the 2 parties (one offering the service and the one who won the service) so they have the contact information. Hopefully that will help keep things straight for people.

I’ll have to post more photos of my first attempts of planning a Relief Society Activity. I’m sure they will be fun to look back on. Haha.

There are still a few weeks before the auction, so I’m sure I will post a follow-up to this soon once things are more planned out and the activity happens. It is going to be a lot of FUN!

Oh, and if anyone has any tips for me as the new Relief Society Activity Coordinator, please let me know! I could always use help.

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  1. Haydee

    What advice can you give me since we are making a service auction in July and i am In charge of it yikes! I never did one before so i need your help its also fundraiser for the young women i really liked the ideas but how can i set it up

  2. Jan

    We will be having our 5th annual RS Service Auction in November. We always hold it in November so that services and goods can involve holiday offerings. We give out a list of suggestions and discuss it briefly in RS beginning at the end of September. Our activity group divides up the tasks involved such as food sign-up, gathering the paddles and play money, asking someone to be the auctioneer(usually a brother so all the sisters can take part) and the banker, following up on the items/services that are being offered, and making certificates for services. Invitations are given out on the first Sunday in November. Over the years we have figured out what works best and the auction is greatly anticipated.

    1. That’s great! I haven’t ever been where there is play money, but saw some ideas mention it before. That would definitely make it easier to keep track! 🙂 I also like the idea of doing it before the holidays. Nice idea!

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