Week 1a: Coat Closet {3 weeks to get organized challenge}

Well day 1 went pretty smoothly with out any hiccups. I worked on 1a – the Coat Closet. As you can tell from the before picture it was pretty crazy. Coats & winter gear has been on the ground in the closet for months, and the games were like a booby trap for anyone who wanted to grab something to play. I even organized the games: Left are group games (3 or more players), the middle are our kid games, and the right are games that the husband and I can play on our “home date nights” because you only have to have 2 people to play.

Well, here’s a peek in to the first thing I’ve organized.

I found a small box to put the card games in so they were all in one spot as well.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have to be a little creative as I organize because I can’t get any fun, new containers for my organizing ventures because its not in the budget this month. If you notice before I was using a baby diaper box as my storage container, so I threw on a few coats of black paint around the sides of the box and voila – I have a lot nicer looking (and less distracting) box on the bottom of my floor. It’s not perfect, but it will do for now.

Overall I am really happy with the closet. I took someone’s advice (can’t remember where I read it) about having 3 boxes out when organizing: 1 box for giveaway (charity), 1 box for displacement (item is in the wrong place) and 1 box for trash (I just used a trash bag). I was able to sort out everything relatively quickly. Now my problem is trying to figure out where to put my “discard” box where the kids won’t get in to it because I don’t want to haul away all this stuff multiple times. Hmmmm…

Alright, well this is the challenge for today: Go through your coat closet and organize it. Get rid of stuff you don’t need or haven’t used for ages, and put the stuff that doesn’t belong there where it belongs. Be sure to let me know how you do!


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