A Christ-Centered Easter Week {family holiday traditions}


A fun Easter tradition we have in our family is celebrating Easter all week long with Christ-Centered Scripture Lessons & Activities. I love doing Easter activities with my kids, but I also don’t like feeling burnt out. {Let’s just say I know my limit.} I generally keep things pretty simple, and if we don’t cover everything I have planned I am fine with it.

Here is a general outline of our week:

Day 1 – Sunday: Palm Sunday

Day 2 – Monday: Jesus Cleanses The Temple

Day 3 – Tuesday: The Parables of Jesus

Day 4 – Weds: A Day of Rest

Day 5 – Thursday: The Last Supper & Atonement

Day 6 – Friday: Jesus’ Trial & Crucifixion 

Day 7 – Saturday: Jewish Sabbath

Day 8 – Sunday: Easter Sunday

Once I blog about the day I’ll link it back to this site. I think it would get really long to post all the ideas and pictures in one post.

As far as other ideas that you might want to try on your own, you can find a lot of great Easter activities and ideas on my Easter Pinterest board. I also received a book called A Christ-Centered Easter by Janet and Joe Hales as a gift one Easter, and I found a lot of wonderful suggestions in there as well.

One recommendation I liked from the book was to take out 8 blank pages, write Sunday – Sunday on the papers, and then outline your week that way. You can add what scriptures you would like to read, any songs that you would like to sing, and any favorite activities that stuck out to you. You can keep the activities the same, or swap them out each year for something new you would like to try. I would eventually like to get to a point where I have my scriptures, songs, activities, stories, etc. printed out and put in a fun Easter binder for reference. I think that would make it easier to keep track of things. Until then, I have this wonderful blog I can use as a good reminder, and next year I can just pull it up on my computer, phone, or iPad and I will be good to go for next year. {I’m pretty excited about that!}

Another note: Another reason I like celebrating Easter throughout the week is because it never fails that Easter plans with others always fill up my Easter weekend. I love that about holidays! I love to celebrate with family and loved ones. BUT it also does tend to be hit or miss whether we get to talking about Christ that day. When I celebrate and talk to the kids about Christ throughout the week, I don’t feel quite so guilty if I slack off during the weekend with it. By then the kids have already had five days with mom and dad, learning about Christ’s last week on earth, and I think it is okay to focus on other fun parts about the holiday. But I still have things planned for that weekend just in case I do find an opportunity to sit down and do something with them.

Also, we often visit family on Easter weekend, and since activities usually are catered around whoever you are visiting, I sometimes don’t have a chance to do anything special on actual Easter. When that happens I still keep what I had planned, but just cover it at FHE on Monday instead.

Happy Easter Everybody!

{I am in-love with Scrappy Nat‘s cute, free Easter digital scrapbooking kit, btw. Adorable! I had to use.}