About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle!


I am a happy & proud mom of 4 adorable, active kiddos. I live in the Potato State (AKA Idaho), though I grew up in California. I married my college intramural dodgeball captain, Jim, 9 years ago.

I love photography, graphic design, interior decorating, art, writing, reading, and laughing through movies. 

I come from a large family and love the craziness that comes along with having FIVE sisters and FOUR brothers. 

I love curling up to a good book. I enjoy watching Brooklyn 99 & re-runs of Gilmore Girls and Psych.

I have a slight obsession with peppermint ice cream and S’More bars. 

I am terrible at keeping plants alive.

I spend a lot of time brainstorming and visualizing how I want to decorate our house and do home improvements. So far I’ve had to be patient, but I dream about ‘someday’ a lot.

My least favorite chore is cleaning my bedroom. (Is that a chore?) My favorite chore is probably vacuuming. 

My hope with this blog is to show that no matter how busy and crazy life feels, or how meager your budget, there are always going to be “shining moments of joy and satisfaction” in our lives worth celebrating. With 4 kids ages 7 and under (one a new baby), a husband who is working 2 jobs, a new puppy, and the usual day-to-day activities with raising a family, I have my hands full. Yet, along with those moments of chaos I hope I am creating memories and moments with my family that will outshine all the hectic times.

My goal as a mother is to create special moments in my children’s lives that will impact them in a positive way. Whether that is through memorable family traditions, trying to find healthy and yummy recipes the kids will actually eat (and me too!), celebrating birthdays, or creating fun and easy chore charts and schedules, I want to teach my children that even though we need to work hard in life, we can still have fun along the way!


(photography by Apple Green Photography)

The Background Story:

I graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Visual Media and organizational studies, as well as a cluster (fun term, right?) in Humanities and Family Studies. It’s fun to say I graduated with a degree with everything I am passionate about: communicating in more than one medium, creating fun and unique designs, all the art forms (Humanities covers art, writing, music – you name it! I seriously love everything about humanities!), and of course building and maintaining family relationships! I also feel like maybe this is why I like celebrating birthdays so much, because it combines a lot of these items together as well!

In 2008 I also decided to start up a photography business with my husband Jim. Rognon Photography was our bread and butter while we got my husband through college. Currently our photography has become more of a hobby than a business for us since he graduated college, but it is still something I feel very passionate about and love to do.

I purposefully titled this blog My Belle Michelle because it is MY journey. I am not writing just from the standpoint of trying to be a good mom, but I also want to keep my own identity along the way. I am more than just a mom, and have passions that keep life fun – including graphic design, photography, and decorating my house.

Jim and I have moved a dozen times through out our marriage, but our latest move has been our toughest yet. With the fluctuating economy Jim lost his job in the middle of our fourth pregnancy, and we moved our family from Oregon to a very tiny town in Nebraska. We feel grateful for the chance to work with a more stable job with a big company, but it is also a lower level job then he had before with a drastic pay difference from his previous job. 

I share this only to give hope to others that may be in our same situation. We don’t have excess $$$ in our budget for fancy crafts, expensive birthday parties, or pricey decorations for our home. I would love to one day be able to get fun crafting supplies and really do exciting things, but that day just isn’t today.

And that doesn’t matter!

mint pic

{Photography by Ian and Evelyn Photography}

My family knows I love them. My kids will still have a fun, worthwhile childhood to reflect on. And I get to have fun trying to find and establish creative, inexpensive ways to teach my children, make our house a home, and have fun as a family.

Disclosure Policy:

Product Reviews & Compensation: mybellemichelle.com does not get monetary compensation to review all products. On occasion, companies will send me a sample product they think I might like, and I do sometimes get discounts or free products as an incentive to use the product and blog about it. I pick and choose which products I blog about, and never recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself or with my family. Most of the products I recommend are based on ones I’ve purchased and tried myself. Receiving product samples doesn’t influence my final review of the product. Thanks! 🙂