Barbarian Dinner – A Fun Family Night

Looking for a fun family activity to do this summer? I have just the activity for you.

My mom threw a Barbarian Dinner for us one night when we were living with her. Start the meal off by lining the table with a vinyl tablecloth. My mom taped it down so we didn’t have to worry about it sliding around on us. Then she plopped our meal right on the tablecloth. There were no plates or utensils. We had to eat with our hands. She chose an especially messy meal to make it more fun – spaghetti and meatballs.

I just have to say this was so much fun. Jim said that he had experienced eating this way from his mission, and gave us a lesson on how to eat with three fingers. My little {baby} sister Natalie was probably the most excited about the meal, and loved being the messiest eater. Mary was worried she was going to get it all over and made a makeshift poncho to protect herself out of a garbage bag. This meal took very little planning, but still made things really fun for everyone. Success!

Once my brother Alan started eating with his face we all kind of just lost it. After everyone was done all the brothers jumped in the pool to “clean off”. I chose to take the baby out on the grass instead. My mom said the cleanup was a breeze. She didn’t have any dishes to wash, and she simply threw the tablecloth and the mess away in the trash. Win-win. 🙂

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