Dora the Explorer 4th Birthday Party {Party Ideas}


My sister Wendy created this cute and fun Dora the Explorer Birthday Party for my 4-year-old niece Siena. It was cute, bright, and captured a lot of details from the show. (Props to Wendy for being so creative since she has never actually watched an episode of the show either.) I love the cute backpacks she made for all the kids, the fun “exploring” adventures they went on, and all the fabulous details.

Party Favorites {Details to Look For}

– “I’m the map” Maps for all the kids to show them where they needed to go on their adventure

– The awesome Explorer hats all the kids donned and took home as party favors

– Beautiful Decorations: Pom-Pom Centerpieces, colorful banners, butterfly streamers, and more

– All the fun kid-friendly party activities that kept the kids happy and busy.

Party Details {As told by Wendy}

My daughter really, REALLY loves Dora.  Which is kind of funny, since we haven’t really seen the show much.  For her fourth birthday party she wanted a Dora Party (of course), so I had fun trying to figure out what in the world you do for a “Dora Party.”  I spent some time looking at ideas online, but ultimately ended up just making up stuff to match with what I had.

I love the idea of exploring. I found these cute hats at the Dollar Tree and decided to base the rest of the party off of searching for buried treasure.

In one my crazy fantasies I dreamed of making cute little backpacks to put the kids gear for the party in, but the Dollar Tree came through again with these cute little purple bags at 3 for a  dollar.  I couldn’t complain and I didn’t have to cut or sew anything.  I used some paint pens to paint the face on the bag.  I actually had my seven year old daughter help with the faces, so it was not too difficult.

Party Favors- I love the idea of sending home cute little gifts with kids after the party, but being a mom and being on the receiving end of those party favors, sometimes they just end up in the trash shortly after they get home.  Thinking of this I decided to use the party favors during the party- at least they get used once right, and then sending them home with the kids.   With this in mind I made up a map for the kids to follow and they would collect things to put in their “backpack” along the way.

When the kids first arrived we greeted them in the front yard.  My two oldest boys were good sports and led them in a couple of games while we waited for everyone to arrive.  One game was “Swiper, Swiper, Dora”- a version of duck, duck, goose.  Once everyone was there we gathered them together to get them outfitted for our adventure.  They each received a hat, backpack, map, shovel (plastic spoon), and magic stepping stone ( green piece of paper).  After a quick picture we were off on our adventure.

We have a dear neighbor with a gorgeous and super fun backyard that let us host our expedition there.  After a short walk we arrived and played “Piece the Isa.”  Basically pin the tail on the donkey, but with an iguana instead.

Next we headed to the Grumpy Grumps.  There we found some small playdough containers and our job was to cheer the grumpy grumps up by making a smiley face.

Then we went to the star lights and learned- or attempted to learn- how to draw a star.  We also got a cool Dora pencil there.

After that we to Monkey Mayhem, where we helped Boots find his missing bananas.  The kids LOVED searching for the cut out bananas that were hidden throughout the yard.  Once they had each found one they traded those in for an “Monkey” Pop.

Next we headed down the path to the stepping stones where the kids each put down their “magic stone” to form a path so they all could cross.  Some kids really liked hoping from one stone to another.  Others weren’t quite so corrdinated.  🙂

We then arrived at Bubbles and Butterflies, where  the kids took turns blowing bubbles and catching them in butterfly nets.

At the end of our map we found treasure trove where the kids used their “shovels” to dig for buried treasure (a ring pop.)  Once they found their treasure they enjoyed eating it and played in my friends cool playhouse, or jumped on the trampoline until everyone else had found their treasure.  I was glad to have had a couple extra ring pops on hand, as some of the hidden treasures are probably still buried in the sand box for someone else to find one day.

After our exploration we returned to our backyard where we were greeted by a welcoming birthday feast.  I had decorated the yard with lots of colors, flowers, butterflies- the works.  It was a lot of fun, especially as all the kids walked in the backyard and were thrilled.

We opened presents and had some refreshments.  I kept things kind of simple for my sanity and honestly I have found that kids love the simple.  Throw some color in there and you’re set.  We had Birthday cupcakes, topped with a Dora character on top- I think it is actually a fish bobber, but it worked.  There were also animal crackers, dipped marshmallows (I cheated on these as I didn’t really want to go to the trouble of melting chocolate etc, so I just dipped them in colored frosting and sprinkles.  (The kids loved them- I think they’d be gross, but I’m not a huge frosting or marshmallow person.)  I also had some grapes- we had to have something healthy right?  I added some of our explore hats for decorations as well as some fun flowers and pinwheels.

As friends left the birthday girl gave them each a little sack with a pinwheel and a Dora fruit snack for them to take home.   Thanks Michelle for taking the cute pics.  I was a little busy trying to keep everyone entertained.   It was a really fun party if I do say so myself.


-Photography: Rognon Photography

-Party Invitation: My Belle Michelle Shop

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