Elena’s Mermaid Birthday Party {Girl Birthday Party Ideas}

Elena’s 3rd Birthday Mermaid Party 

Our little princess had her 3rd birthday and we celebrated with a fun Under the Sea Mermaid Party! She is OBSESSED with the Little Mermaid, and her big brother was very adamant that she have a Mermaid Birthday Party. After some brainstorming, this is what I came up with! {Don’t you love her cute faces above?! She is singing along to the Little Mermaid Soundtrack I had playing in the background through out the party.}

We greeted guests with a cute Mermaid sign that read “Happy to sea you. Clam on in!”. We added some fun balloons around our railing to welcome the guests.

As mentioned above, for background music we had The Little Mermaid soundtrack playing that we checked out from our library. Elena LOVED it and sang along a lot. I thought it made the atmosphere a little more fun.

Here’s the fun party table that the kids ate at. I found the napkins and cups at a party store named Zurchers. They also had some cute confetti I used around the table. I bought some sea shells from the dollar store and used that as well.

My sister Wendy made me this cute celebration block as a Christmas present this year and I have used it for all of the birthday celebrations this month! It is a life saver. I put a picture of Elena in the middle and then used the dry-erase cards to write my birthday messages on. It’s fun, cute and easy. My kind of decoration! I also used a table pom-pom, also a present I received from Wendy. I had a hard time trying to think of a center piece for the party, but I think the cupcakes could have made a fun centerpiece too had I not had these cute things to use.

And here is a side full view. I LOVE how the decorations turned out.

The seaweed on the side was made with crepe paper streamers in dark and light green, and then we did waves on the ceiling with light and dark blue crepe paper streamers as well. It really set the environment for the party. I will warn you, it was time consuming, even with my husband’s help. So plan for plenty of time. We wanted to do it when Elena was asleep to surprise her when she woke up (as part of her birthday morning surprise) and it paid off BIG TIME. The kids all loved it.

Invitation – You can find my invitation in my etsy shop. 🙂

I got my mermaid invitation inspiration from this cute invite from Tiny Prints. I was actually very tempted to purchase them, but when I showed it to Lanie she just kept asking me why she couldn’t get an Ariel invite. So I decided to make one up myself, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

I had fun coming up with the wording on the invitation. I think it turned out really cute:

The tag line was “Our Little Mermaid is Turning 3. Come celebrate with us “under the sea”.

And then I played on the words to make it go with the theme.

SAIL DATE – For the date of the party

DIVE TIME – For what time the party was

PORT – Address of the party

TACKLE – Letting people know to bring a swimsuit and towels


I thought the invite turned out really cute. I’m very happy with it.

I also made a cute Happy Birthday Banner for Elena in her party colors and included a cute picture of a mermaid with it to tie everything in together.

Now, on to ACTIVITIES:

We played a few different games & I made cute little signs to hang up around the house for the little activity centers. My sister was nice and helped me run the activities. Things always seem to be a little crazy when you are hosting the party, so I didn’t actually get pictures of the signs up at the party, but here are what they looked like. (I do not claim to own the rights to the images. They were simply images I found off of google.)

1. Who Am I?: I printed out pictures of the Little Mermaid Characters and taped them on the back of the kids and they had to go around and ask yes or no questions to figure out who they were. (ie – Am I a boy? Am I a Mermaid? Am I a crab? Etc.)

2. Don’t Eat Pete: I printed out a page with Little Mermaid characters & Placed M&Ms on them. The kids sent one of the guests away and chose a character and then when the child came back he would point to a character. If it wasn’t “Pete” the child could eat the m&ms. This went on until the child pointed to “Pete” and then the kids would cry “Don’t eat Pete!” and then it was someone else’s turn. Everyone loved this game, but the older kids decided to change it to “Don’t Eat Sabastian”. 🙂

3. Ursula’s Garden: This is a great outdoor game. Designate a portion of the party area to be “Ursula’s Garden”. One person is “it” (or Ursula) and addresses the group “I am Ursula, Sea Witch of Motion. Let’s see if you can come cross my ocean”. Then everyone tries to run away from Ursula who tries to tag everyone. Once a person is tagged they have to go to Ursula’s Garden where they turn in to little sad creatures. They have to stand still with legs apart until someone frees them by crawling in between their legs. The last child to be caught is the winner and wins the prize.

4. Ariel’s Silent Charades:Ariel loses her voice and has to act out her thoughts with body language, so charades is a perfect Mermaid party game. We actually ended up using the cut-out characters from the 1st game, put it in a bowl, and had the kids act out the characters to each other. It was pretty entertaining to see the boys act out Ursala and King Triton. 🙂

5. Shark Attack: My bro-in-law drew an awesome shark face on a white balloon. We cranked up some music and the kids had to keep the balloon away from themselves. Whoever the shark was closest to when the music stopped playing was “attacked” and out of the game.

6. Eric Statue Game: Our family love dance parties, so we played Eric’s Statue Game. We played The Little Mermaid music and the kids danced, but when the music turned off they were supposed to stay still like Statues. Otherwise they were “out”.


We stuck to the Under the Sea theme with our food. If you are looking for inspiration this is what we did:

Ocean Potion – Blue Hawaiian Punch with Star Shaped Ice Cubes (we found the shape ice cube tray at WalMart for $1)

Peanut Butter & JELLYFISH sandwiches: PB & J sandwiches cut out with star cookie cutter

SAND DOLLAR Chips: Potato Chips

SEASHELL Pasta: Chicken Italian Pasta

Ursula/Vanessa’s Veggies: Clear cups with cut out vegetables and ranch on the bottom. Perfect. (I used a stroke through Ursula’s since she’s supposed to be disguised as Vanessa in the movie)

GOLDFISH Crackers: Goldfish crackers in own packages in a cute sand bucket

CRABBY CRABWICHES: Cute Chicken Salad Sandwich, recipe found here:

STARFISH Cookies: Sugar cookies cut out in cute shapes. (The one thing we bought from a local bakery)

-CLAM Cookies: I took vanilla cookies (I think Vanilla wafers) and coated the backside with pink frosting and then put a white M&M inside the cookie to look like a clam & a pearl. They were a good hit with the kids.

I made my own water bottle bands too. It was my first time trying it out, and I thought it turned out pretty cute. My niece Liz helped me tape them, and they were pretty easy to do.

Cupcakes: I always want to do something cool with cakes and cupcakes, but I am pretty hopeless when it comes down to icing things. I ground up graham crackers and sprinkled them on vanilla frosting to make it look like sand. I put some vanilla frosting in a ziplock bag, cut the edge, and then piped star shapes to look like star fish. I got the idea from Martha Stewart. I picked up the small Ariel at Target, and gave her to Elena for her birthday, and the cupcake liners I found at Zurchers.

For the blue cupcakes I wanted it to kind of look like the ocean, so I just added food coloring to the leftover frosting, and then added white sugar pearls I bought from Walmart as “ocean bubbles”.

I also made some cute fish cupcakes to go with the under the sea party theme. You can find instructions here.

PARTY BAGS: The girls got some cute necklaces, bracelets and hair clips for the party but I forgot to take a picture. Everyone (boys included) took home this cute party favor above. I printed out a card that said “Thanks for playing with me UNDER THE SEA. So glad you were able to celebrate with me”. I put swedish fish in a snack pack sized ziplock bag & then stapled the thank you card on top. I thought it turned out great. (Again, my first time trying out this style of party bag and it was very quick and easy to put together.)

Time to blow out the candles! (P.S. Isn’t that the cutest little bathing suit? We snagged it from Old Navy)

Even the baby got in on the cupcake eating action. haha.

I didn’t grab pictures of us swimming, but we did go swimming and had a lot of fun.

Last, but not least – Birthday present time!

Our little lady sure got spoiled.

After all the hard work, seeing her smiling face and the magic of the day definitely made it all worth it.


-Photography: Rognon Photography

-Streamers & Balloons: Zurchers, Target, WalMart, Dollar Tree

-Table Decorations: Confetti, Little Mermaid cups, vinyl re-useable tablecloth from Zurchers, pink swirly plates & turquoise plates from Walmart, Seashells from Dollar Tree

-Invitations, Banner, Signs: My Belle Michelle Shop

-Star Shaped Ice Cub Tray: Walmart

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