Family Tradition: Back-to-School Family Dinner


I wanted to do something fun with the family this month to celebrate Jack finally getting to go to kindergarten. (He’s a November birthday so he’s been ready for kindergarten for a while now.) I wanted to do something small that wouldn’t be overwhelming, but still something that would be fun and out-of-the-ordinary.

I saw THIS cute idea on dating divas of a back-to-school-night dinner, and you know what, it was perfect for what I wanted to do. It was low-key, easy, and not a ton of planning required. 🙂 I picked up most of the stuff the day of, and it turned out very cute.


The kids had to find their names on the name place cards, and then sit down at their assigned seats. They were very excited at this point. Then I pointed out that they both had special cards waiting for them.


I ordered some cute lunch box notes from tiny prints to use for lunches and times when I am away from them (ie-sister’s weekend), and used them at dinner to make the dinner a little more special. So I asked the kids to find their special card from mom & they could read them before dinner.

card on tray



lane card

opening card

I was really happy with the quality. The pictures turned out clear, and the kids really liked opening the cards up and seeing their own pictures. They took them to bed with them & have been showing everyone who came over, so I think they were a hit.

jack card table lane card table

Around this point Gma & Gpa showed up & we ate the yummy dinner. Then we rushed off to the Outlet mall to get Jack some good deals on school clothes before the school closed. I didn’t have a printer, but we tried to talk to the kids and get their opinions on the clothes, which was kind of new for me since I normally just choose what I like.

That night I meant to have the kids go on a fun scavenger hunt around the house to find a fun present I got them (a personalized notebook) to start the new school year, but we ended up just opening the presents on the first day of school instead because we got home so late that night from shopping. 🙂

Today was Jack’s first day of kindergarten! He picked out the outfit he wanted to wear, and had to wait patiently until school started to wear his new clothes. It was sure cute when the time finally came!

first day

I had Lane & Jack sit on the steps & open their school present.

opening present

opening present 2

A cute personalized notebook (again from tiny prints) & it was a big hit! I’m hoping they can use them on some of our exploring adventures, or for morning school and things too. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for them to go and ‘grab their notebooks’.

present jack

lane and jack

Not too long afterwards we walked Jack to school, dropped him off with his teacher, and I had the fun job of walking a very mopey, sad Lanie home. (She thought she was going to school with Jack, and didn’t think ‘school with mom’ was a very exciting prospect. hehe).

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