Getting Organized in 3 weeks Challenge

I have seen a lot of awesome organizing challenges on blogs these days. I was planning on linking up to one but they are already on week 5 and I don’t think I’ll be able to get caught up anytime soon. Another thing was the challenge was 14 weeks long. I am not a fan of having every day a ‘chore’ day (I’ve seen 29 day organizing challenges), but I also think I can organize more than 1 thing a week most likely – so I came up with my own schedule of what I need to organize and am starting my very own organization challenge for any followers who are interested.

I am new to blogging so I’m not sure how to host link parties or any of those fun things, but I will figure it out if anyone leaves a comment saying they want to join. Otherwise I won’t worry about it.

Here’s the tentative schedule:

Week 1: (This Week): Coat Closet & Kitchen (My kitchen is going to be a big project so that’s why I’m only doing 2 this week)

Week 2: Desk, Linen Closet (or Pantry) & Bathrooms

Week 3: Bedroom Closets (I have 3 bedrooms)

My other challenge? I have to come up with some way of organizing these things with what I already have because we overspent on our trip to Oregon by a LOT, so I have no room in the budget for any fun organizing containers like all the cool organizing sites have. We shall see what we end up with.

I might end up needing more time to organize things, but for now this is what I’m planning on. We’ll see how it goes.

Again, if you’d like to join up with me just leave a comment. I can even send you a fun button to put on your blog if you’d like. We can be buddies in our quest to be a little more organized and help the home run a little smoother.

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