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As you may already know, I love to celebrate Easter with a fun Easter Week daily activity that is centered around Christ’s last week before His resurrection. Taking a little time with the kids each night talking about Christ and his wonderful sacrifice and gift he’s given us through the atonement and His resurrection helps me feel closer to Him, and I know helps our entire family re-focus on what is really important about Easter – the Savior. I love trying new things, so bear with me on this massively long blog post – keep reading! It will be totally worth it!

This year I’m excited to share with you some new ideas on how to have a Christ-Centered Easter Week, with a great Easter Week Activity Advent from the super talented Sugar Bee Crafts

Christ Centered Easter Week Activity Advent Printables

Activities range from journaling as a family, watching an online video, and baking treats and delivering them to a neighbor. It is focused on learning more about Jesus and His teachings and the events that led up to Easter Sunday.


Just get 8 plastic Easter eggs (I had leftovers from previous years in my holiday bin), and number the eggs 1 – 8 with a sharpie marker (or put on number stickers if you prefer). Then you just print out the advent, cut the strips apart, fold them up and put them in the coordinating numbered eggs.

Then starting on the Sunday before Easter, start with egg number 8 and open one egg a day leading up to the Easter Holiday. 

Yes, it really is that simple! And your kids and family will love it!

Easter Week Advent
Easter Week Advent Ideas
Easter Week Advent Eggs
Easter Week Advent Activities Printables
Easter Week Advent Ideas

You can DOWNLOAD the PRINTABLES for the Activities HERE

Christ in Easter Activities

If you want to keep track of the activities just print off the reminder sheet (part of the printables). I tacked mine up on my corkboard so I can have an easy reference to it so I can remember what the activities are going to be that day. (And just embrace the spelling errors. It makes life more fun!)

Easter Week Activity Advent

I’m including the daily outlines here for easy access to the videos and online content suggested with the advent activities. 

Sunday Before Easter: Chronology Activity

Discuss as a family what happened to Jesus the week leading up to His resurrection? Why were these events important? 

*Older Kids – Play Chronology Game (Included with Printables), with answer key. (I think I’ll just print off the answer key and have them put it together like a puzzle)

*Younger Kids – Print & Color the Story of Easter Coloring Book, or I also like this Easter Footsteps Handout too which you can easily do with young kids “walking” around your house and stopping to read scriptures about the days events. (you can scribble down a few verses to read beforehand if you want to incorporate scripture verses)

*This would be a perfect time to review my Christ Centered Easter Week Advent Timeline for quick access to scriptures, videos, and more on the week of Christ leading up to Easter Sunday. 

Monday: Treat Delivery

Family Activity – Follow Jesus’ Example of love & service. 

*Read Matthew 22:36-39 

*Make treats and deliver them to someone to show them love. Share a picture of your family making or delivering the treat on social media using the hashtag #hallelujah (I plan on making these yummy no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars if you are looking for a quick, yummy treat idea)

Tuesday: Teachings of Jesus

On Tuesday Jesus taught the people. Discuss with your family: What are some of the teachings of Jesus? Write a list in your journals. (Printable journal or real-life journal)

Wednesday: Miracles

Jesus performed many miracles. Using the scriptures, find examples of miracles Jesus performed. Discuss with your family: What can we learn from the example Jesus Christ gave us?

Thursday: Atonement Video

Jesus atoned for our sins. Watch the following video(s) and discuss it with your family. Share the video on social media, using the hashtag #Hallelujah.

*Older kiddos:

*Younger Kiddos:

Friday: Journal Activity

Using the included journal sheet (or using your own personal journal) write down what you have learned about Christ and what you are looking forward to about Easter. Share one of your thoughts via social media using the hashtag #Hallelujah

Saturday: Resurrection Rolls 

Easter Resurrection Rolls

On Easter morning the tomb was found empty because Jesus was Resurrected. Make simple Resurrection Rolls to illustrate the empty tomb. (Recipe sheet included in printables, or for quick reference I have it posted here as well)

Sunday: Easter Sunday

He is Risen! “This Easter, remember the sacred name, life, and sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ” 

Watch the following video. Share the video with a friend.

Again, a big thank you to Sugar Bee Crafts for the printables and allowing me to share them with you all! Check out her site and follow her on instagram as well! 

I hope you are looking forward to this coming Easter Week as much as my family and I are! I will be sharing our successes (and maybe our not-so-successes) on my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and using the hashtag #Hallelujah. I encourage you all to do the same! What a great message that our Savior is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. 

Hallelujah indeed!

Easter Week Advent Activities With Easter Eggs 

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