20 Healthy & Fun Halloween Snacks {Halloween Candy & Sweets Alternative}

I LOVE Halloween. I love the weather. I love dressing up in costumes. I love carving pumpkins. I love going to corn mazes and haunted houses. I enjoy watching (tame-by-anyone-else’s-standard’s) scary movies. I love fun family holiday traditions. I love Halloween parties. I love taking the kid’s trick-or-treating, and so much more. There are so many fun things to do with Halloween, which makes it such a fun holiday to celebrate!

Every year our family does a fun traditional Halloween-themed dinner (more on that later, hopefully), and when I was brainstorming what to make for dessert I kind of felt stuck. Now, I am all for letting the kids splurge a little bit on sweets during holidays since they don’t have sweets every day.

But have you noticed just how much sweets seem to fill our holidays? No wonder I loved holidays as a child. (I was and still am a huge candy & dessert lover!)

As a mom I feel like adding even more sugary sweets to my children’s already-sugared-out holiday wasn’t my best option. With all the candy they get trick-or-treating (even limiting a certain number per day) they will still get plenty of sweets during the holiday with out me having to add to their sugar comas.

I also thought it would be fun to include some healthy snack options for my kids for their school lunch on Halloween. Again, I didn’t particularly want to include more sugar for their lunch snacks either, since I knew there would be trick-or-treating and parties later in the day.

Here are some great, healthy Halloween themed snacks that work great as dessert alternatives, sides to dinners, items for school lunches, or as after-school snacks. Most of them are nut-free options because I was looking for that with my own children (they go to a nut-free school). 


1. Witches Brooms – Cocinando Con Catman (There are english instructions at the bottom)
2. Candy Corn Vegetable Platter – Parents.Com
3. Clementine Pumpkins – Creative Ramblings Blog
4. Spooky Fruit Critters – Modern Parents Messy Kids 
5. Jack-O-Lantern Smoothies – The Seasoned Mom
6. Gluten Free Frozen Coconut Banana Ghost – Gluten Free Fix
7. Goblin Grins – Snixy Kitchen
8. Go-Go Squeeze Mummies – The Nerds Wife
9. Jack-O-Lantern Orange Fruit Cups – Simplee Thrifty

10. Pumpkin Carrot Rice Bowl – Apron Strings Blog
11. Halloween Pasta – Hippie Home-making
12. Mandarin Pumpkins – Under Construction Blog 
13. Tangerine and Banana Ghosts – Weelicious
14. Monster Mouth – Snixy Kitchen
15. Little Frankensteins – Green Lunches Green Kids
16. Mummy Apples – Marci Combs
17. Veggie Platter Pumpkin – Taste of Home
18. Yogurt Monster Mouth – Workman Family
19-2019. Peeled Mummy Apples – Two Healthy Kitchens 
20. Ghost Pops – Nugget Market

What a lot of fun options!

The great thing with kids is they are happy with anything out of the ordinary. Just this morning I decided to use a sharpie and make a ghost face on my kid’s cheese stick package. It took me an extra ten seconds of my time, and they talked about it the whole trip to school this morning.

Offering fun, healthy themed Halloween food items also gives our children (and us!) an incentive to choose healthier options. I’ve noticed more health-conscious food choices for my children’s class parties, but even still it never hurts to have healthy, vitamin-rich snacks for kids to eat during breakfast, lunch, or after-school to balance-out any sweets they will eat during the day.


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