Pin Tested Tuesday: Breaking in Too Small Shoes

I went a little shopping crazy with my birthday money this year and bought 3 pairs of shoes.

The first time I walked around the store for probably a good 10 minutes before buying the shoes, and the next day put them on to find they felt too small. I bought them at a store that was 40 minutes away, though, and never got back in time to return them. (They are a small store that only give you 30 days to do returns). Then I bought some flats because mine broke and low and behold, the same thing happened. The last time I was shopping I was complaining to my husband about how I’m horrible at shoe shopping so he helped me pick out some that I thought were really comfortable, and then the SAME thing happened – too snug around my toes. When I wear shoes that are too tight not only do I get blisters, but I start getting ingrown toenails too. Blah.

Then I ran across this awesome pin about how to break in shoes that are a little too snug for comfort.

To stretch out your shoes, put on some socks (I used thick socks) and slip on your shoes. Then use a hairdryer on hot at the tight section of your shoe for a few seconds (I did it longer). Then wiggle your toes and feet inside the shoe to loosen things up. Keeps socks and shoes on while shoe cools, then take off the socks and test out the shoes to see if they are more roomy. If they need more stretching, repeat the process. I repeated the process twice and I can definitely tell a difference.

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