Prepping for General Conference {LDS Family Traditions}

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{This was a picture taken on my phone of my first trip to General Conference 6 months ago. Crazy!}

Every 6 months the LDS Church holds a special General Conference for its members, where we receive instruction and inspiration from our Church Leaders. It’s actually one of my very favorite time of year. I always feel very re-charged and ready to improve myself afterwards, and there are usually some pretty amazing talks that feel like they were catered just for me.

Since having children, I’ve realized the peace that usually comes during general conference isn’t actually there as often as I hope. Hehe. They are busy, they want attention, and they get bored pretty quickly since there is 8 hours worth of conference talks through out the weekend.

Generally in the past we kept our traditions to food (for me to look forward to), but I also tried a few things last year with the kids to get them excited about conference. LOW AND BEHOLD IT WORKED. YAY!!! They actually were great for a session or two, and that was even with us babysitting their cousins.

General conference is this weekend (aka-tomorrow!), and since its come right after Easter this year I haven’t quite had as much time to think about it as I might have liked. However, there are some things you can do to prepare for conference – even if its just the night before. Hehe. Since I was jotting down reminders for myself anyways, I thought I’d share it with anyone else who might benefit.

Here are some things I like to do before conference to feel a little more prepared for it:

1. Talk To Kids About Conference Before It Happens. A lot of times I plan a nice FHE night around general conference to get kids pumped up for it. We watch THIS video, and then I try to break it down more by explaining to the kids that if we prepare ourselves and listen to the prophets during conference we are promised that we can receive answers that are meant for just us. We sometimes take the time to think about things we should try to pay attention to during conference, such as how to be nicer to our brother & sister, or how we can serve a grandparent who is ill, or what ways we can show Jesus that we love him. It’s fun to see what your kids come up with.

I also am home with my children all day long, so I like to keep us busy with morning devotionals. The week before conference I like to talk to them about following the prophet, and keeping his commandments – and how it applies to modern times, not just for those in scripture stories. And then we talk about our modern-day prophet & his apostles. I point them out from our gospel art kit book, and I sometimes tell them little stories about them.

2. Plan Ahead For Any Traditions You Like to Do Around General Conference. We have a tradition of eating cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning, and “The Works” on Sunday morning session. I like to remember that when I’m out shopping and running errands, or working on my meal plan for the week/month. I also put a few things on my shopping list that I usually need, and check and make sure my sweet daughter hasn’t eaten/broken all of our crayons. Haha. I usually just print up pre-made conference packets for my kids that don’t take preparation, but if you have something else in mind that takes time schedule that in before Conference starts.

3. Get All Shopping Done Friday Night: I like to get all my shopping and errands done before conference so I can just relax and enjoy the weekend. That way, if I run out of time for things Saturday I know I have things ready for Sunday/Monday anyways.

4. Write Down Questions & Pray About It: On Friday night, after kids are asleep, I find a quiet spot to be alone and sit down. Then I write down whatever it is I am struggling with or wondering about. I try to put the kids down a little earlier that night (by 8:00 at latest) so I have time to unwind and get to bed on time. (It’s a goal. If it doesn’t happen, I don’t let it stress me out.)

I find I get a lot more out of conference if I have specific answers or things on my mind I am seeking guidance for. And I like to do it individually in addition to family things, because there are some things I struggle with or wonder about that the rest of the family doesn’t.

After I’ve written things down, I pray about them. I pray that I will get answers and guidance during conference, and pray that I’ll have the spirit with me. {It’s also not a bad idea to pray for those speaking. I’m sure they could always use extra prayers, especially our dear prophet.}

5. Put Together Anything You Have Planned For Conference: I generally need to print up things, and try to make sure I do that before conference. I don’t print off pages that won’t relate to my child so I don’t waste ink on a billion pages, but these don’t tend to use up a ton of ink like other projects do.

This year I plan on doing the BINGO squares by lds.org, THIS awesome packet from scriptures4kids.com & sugardoodle.net, and a few pages from THIS general conference packet via foodstorageandbeyond.com.

I’m going to pick & draw out a few ‘special words’ for my kids to listen to through out general conference. If I have time that night, I might even print off a picture off the internet for it. Then I’ll tape the picture/word on a bowl, and tomorrow I’ll fill it up with little snacks – like apples, grapes, berries, pretzels, cucumbers, etc. When the kids listen to conference and hear a certain word, they can go up and grab a snack. (This is my first time trying it. We’ll see if it works.)

And I usually put my cinnamon rolls out to rise on the counter so they’re ready to pop in the oven that next morning. (Or you could just bake it the night before and leave out on counter overnight, and then pop in oven to re-heat & then frost.)

These are some things I do to prepare ahead of time, and I’m sure there are some other great ways too.

If you need some more ideas on how to prepare for conference, HERE are some great resources.

What are some fun things your family does to prepare for General Conference? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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