St Patrick's Day Breakfast Idea - Lucky Charms Cereal and colored Green Milk

St. Patrick’s Day 2013 {Fun holiday traditions}

I am a little bummed that I got sick (just a cold, thank goodness) right around this holiday because I didn’t end up making some of the fun things I had planned. Even so, we still had a lot of fun on St. Patrick’s Day (or as Jackson likes to say “Happy Green Day”).

We started off the morning by surprising the kids with some Leprechaun Lucky Charms & Green Milk for breakfast. It was our first time trying this out, and it was a huge hit with the kids. While I don’t think we will do it every year (they were a little crazy with all the sugar I think), it was still fun.

fun family traditions

lucky breakfast

lucky charms

After church we had a yummy lunch meal of Green Eggs & Ham, and dad even made some yummy toast & hashbrowns to go with it. The kids liked helping make the meal.

lucky lunch

lunch prep

max green eggs

green eggs

After lunch we went over to Gma and Gpas for a fun St. Patrick’s Day family party. Before dinner the kids went on a leprechaun treasure hunt outside. The leprechauns left little clues for all the grandkids so they could all find their own leprechaun golden (chocolate) coins. Mmmm. (Thanks Gma & Cousin Sara).

leprechaun treasure


pot o' gold

treasure hunt 1

a hunting we will go

And of course I have to add a cute picture of Lanie with her cute cousins, all in matching Rainbow shirts they got for Christmas from Gma & Gpa. They fit in perfectly for the Irish holiday.

rainbow girls

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