What to Wear Ideas

What to Wear – Family Photo Shoot Ideas. In my previous blog article I gave 5 tips to remember when choosing out clothing to wear to photo shoots. Once a month I hope to put up actual clothing suggestions for you to look at to give you better suggestions. Here is my first “What to Wear” post. 🙂

Sweater – Banana Republic
Jeans – Old Navy

Short-Sleeve Blazer – Styles for Less
Shirt – Old Navy
Pants – Gap
Necklace – Maurices
Wedges – Forever 21

Big Brother:
Shirt – Carters
Vest – Carters
Pants – Gap

Little Sister:
Dress – Old Navy
Shoes – Gymboree
Hair Accessory – Nordstrom

Baby Brother –
Cardigan – Gap
Shirt – Gap
Pants – Carters


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