You’ve Been BOO’ed Sign – Free Printable

Have you guys ever been BOO’ed before?

Basically it is a fun way to share holiday cheer, treats and secret act of service to your friends and neighbor. You put a treat on the doorstep, stick the sign up on their door and you doorbell ditch (or if you are a scaredy cat just leave). The goal is they don’t know it’s you so it’s anonymous. And then you leave them with a BOO sign and instructions so they can do it themselves to continue to spread the Halloween joy with others. 

Our family loves it! So today I’m sharing a cute printable I designed. I’ve included the door sign and the instructions for you. 

You've Been Boo'ed - Free Printables!

Fun Service Halloween Tradition - You've Been Booed

Have you ever Boo’ed or been boo’ed before? Is this something completely new to you? I’d love to hear!

You can download the Boo’ed Printables HERE!!!

You've Been Booed - Fun Halloween Tradition Printable

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What are some other fun Halloween ideas you’ve done with your family? 


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